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MGMT8500 - Accounting and Financial Management

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HR practitioners partner with business leaders to drive business performance by delivering competitive advantage through people.  This course equips HR professionals with the competencies to research, interpret, and report on organizational people metrics in order to improve talent decisions and the organization as a whole.  This course introduces the HR professional to quantitative and qualitative techniques and to communication strategies that enable reporting findings in an engaging and professional manner. Additionally, human resources practitioners are introduced to the essential HR financial functions including financial management,  the interpretation of financial information and the effective  communication of operational and financial strategies tied to people and organizational effectiveness.
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     Thu  6:30pm  3 hours  2019-05-09  2019-05-09 
     Mon  6:30pm  3 hours  2019-05-27  2019-05-27 
     Mon  6:30pm  3 hours  2019-06-17  2019-06-17 
     Mon  6:30pm  3 hours  2019-07-15  2019-07-15 
     Mon  6:30pm  3 hours  2019-08-12  2019-08-12 
            Internet Delivery  2019-05-06  2019-08-12 
   Add to Cart  Summary:  42 hours  2019-05-09  2019-08-12  $631.68  Available [2019-05-17]
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